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Introduction of Twinkling Star Handbag Co., Ltd

Twinkling Star was established in 1995, is a professional enterprise engaged in the production of all kinds of bags.
The company sticks to the principle“Quality First and Customers First”and serves the customers all over the world with wholeheartedly.
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Global Recycled Standard Factory- Twinkling Star

What is GRS?
GRS is Global Recycled Standard,the GRS certification system is based on integrity, which includes five major requirements: environmental protection, traceability, recyclable signs, social responsibility and general principles.
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Twinkling Star handbag factory tour

Taking with you to visiting our factory directly, knowing who is Twinkling Star, knowing how is bag factory running!

Show room--Office-- Workshop-- Package room--Sample.

Visiting Twinkling Star in person make you trust what you choose!

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